Beauty Star EP-2000


Beauty Star EP-2000


FINALLY, THIS 15 YEAR PROVEN microcurrent face lift machine makes its way from Europe & South America, naturally, gently and effectively supporting YOUTHFUL, SUPPLE, TIGHTENED eye bags, chin, crow’s feet, smile lines, waddle and neck. HOW IT WORKS: 2 UNIQUELY positioned electrodes create a full cycle gentle current between tip, face, neck, arms and metal handle for DEEPER PENETRATING WAVES that promote FASTER RESULTS.

NO PAIN – ALL GAIN FACE MACHINE – (ZERO SIDE EFFECTS) ADJUSTABLE micro-current face machine supports FASTER results than any other face mask machine or light therapy device, just like an instant face lift – WON’T STING, shock or pinch like other face machines.

GENUINE GOLD PLATED = SUPERIOR RESULTS – ENHANCED CONDUCTIVITY, RUST PROOF, STERILE gold-plated metallic face treatment machine parts deliver smoother, WIDER electrical current across skins surface, yielding FAR FASTER results in LESS TIME.

INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED – NO CORD REQUIRED: Don’t waste days charging and recharging your toning tools. Beauty Star face sculpting machine includes a 100 HOUR 9V battery, plus smooth, non-sticky conductivity gel, so you start reviving your beauty the second the box arrives.

REAL RESULTS GUARANTEED – 1 YEAR FULL WARRANTY: TRY THIS facial skin tightening treatment and tighten your face RISK FREE on us. While it’s engineered for years of use, we guarantee you’ll receive AT LEAST one full year of treatments, for far less than you’d invest at the spa, or we’ll refund you or replace it – no questions asked.

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Features of Beauty Star

  • Single electrode microcurrent face lift device

  • 9V alkaline battery operated

  • Adjustable sensitivity dial from level 1 to 10

  • Auto sterilizing contact gold tip

  • Completely safe with absolutely no side effects

  • Painless to use with only a gentle tingling

  • Easy and comfortable to use

  • Ready for home use or while traveling

  • Competitively priced compared to other expensive cosmetic treatments

Benefits of Beauty Star

Beauty Star offers a wide variety of benefits. Use beauty star for improving following cosmetic conditions that appear on your face, neck, or chest.

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Lift jowls, eyebrows, and eliminate double chin

  • Improve facial and neck muscle tone and firmness

  • Eliminate bags under eyes and puffy eyes

  • Tighten saggy skin and enlarged pores

  • Even out skin tone and improve skin texture

  • Re-hydrate and shed aging skin

  • Improve facial blood circulation

  • Get rid of bruises, cold sores, and pimples

  • Reduce cellulite from troubled areas of body


Precautions and Warnings

Do not use Beauty Star if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, an implanted electronic device or if you are using insulin pump.

How to Use Beauty Star

Beauty Star is easy to use. The procedure is completely painless and harmless since Beauty Star does not produce any radiation or side effects. Before using Beauty Star, please put a 9V alkaline battery into the device.

  1. Clean your face with soap, rinse, and dry.

  2. Apply conductive gel on the area where you need to perform the treatment.

  3. Turn on the device and adjust device to desired level of stimulation.

  4. Gently slide the device on your skin for 3 to 5 minutes.

  5. Remove contact gel from your skin after completing the treatment.

Please watch the following video which shows step by step how to use Beauty Star.

Duration and Frequency of Use

Use Beauty Star initially for 25 minutes every day for treating facial cosmetic issues for one week. After one week, you can use Beauty Star every other day per week regularly on areas of face or neck that need cosmetic improvement. Use on regular basis for optimal results. Results may vary based on skin type and condition and frequency of use.

Customer Testimonials

Beauty Star has been recommended by beauticians and consumers for over 15 years. It has received glorious reviews from customers around the world. See what our customers have to say about Beauty Star.



1. How soon will I see results?
Most users of Beauty Star experience immediate skin toning and facial lift benefits, while others take longer. Some users observed improvements within first week of usage while others experienced improvements later.

2. What kind of results will I see?
Beauty Star users have claimed to experience improved jaw and smile lines, tightened and firm skin, diminished wrinkles and lines, and reduced under eye bags. To observe improvements, we recommend treating just half of the face (left or right), then compare to non-treated half. You can also observe the difference by taking before and after pictures. 

3. Why do I need to use gel with Beauty Star ?
Using water based gel or any hydrating gel improves the conductivity of electrical impulses through skin.

4. How much current will I feel? 
You will feel a mild tingling sensation when using Beauty Star. Please be mindful that facial sensitivity varies from person to person. We recommend that you begin treatment at the lowest setting (1) and then gradually increase it until you feel a pleasant tingling. We advise against stimulation which is too strong or lasts too long. 

5. Does it hurt to use Beauty Star?
No, it does not hurt to use Beauty Star. The device is painless and harmless, as Beauty Star does not produce any radiation or side effects.

6. Can I use Beauty Star if I have metallic fillings?
Yes, you can use Beauty Star if you have metallic fillings in your mouth provided that you keep the device at a lower setting, otherwise you may feel some discomfort.

7. How long does the battery last?
Beauty Star device is bundled with Duracell :registered: 9-Volt alkaline battery which lasts for 100 hours while using Beauty Star device on a regular basis. We recommend changing the battery when you stop detecting electrical impulses. 

8. Can I use Beauty Star with facial oil or while wearing makeup?
It is not recommended to use Beauty Star with facial oil or while wearing makeup. Oil based products will either reduce or block the conductivity of electrical impulses through skin.